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Hello! I'm Nick Hudnot, and I teach piano lessons (including various keyboards), serving the Albuquerque area for over 12 years. I teach a wide variety of music styles, and offer general instruction in music. I serve a wide variety of students (ranging from complete beginners to experienced musicians) with diverse musical interests.

My music studio is a relaxed, safe, zero pressure environment. We are in this to have fun and to learn - not to be graded or stressed out! I love working together with each of my students to deepen their appreciation and understanding of music, and to achieve their music goals. All facets of musical training are covered in a logical and progressive fashion, in a course of study that is tailored to the individual student.

Some folks just want to be able to play their favorite songs/pieces, and others want to really dig into the nuts and bolts of music and become fluent musicians. Either way, we can work together to make it happen!

  • Piano
  • Keyboards
  • Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Music Theory
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Metal
  • Country
  • Worship
  • Indie
  • Folk
  • Alternative
  • Synth-wave
  • Synthesizers
  • Sound Design
  • Ear Training
  • Play-By-Ear
  • Music Reading
  • Sing & Play
  • Musicianship
  • Songwriting
  • Music Composition
  • Computer Based Music Production
  • And More...

Lessons and Pricing

  • 1 Hour Lesson.......$40 (For Adults)
  • 40 Minute Lesson........$32 (Kids aged 10-18)

I teach students in the Albuquerque area. Lessons are taught in my home studio, located near Louisiana and Lomas (close to the Albuquerque Fair Grounds).

Lessons are risk free! If you aren't satisfied with your lesson, you pay nothing! I'm only satisfied if you are satisfied! You have nothing to lose!

If you are interested in lessons, or have any questions, I'm happy to talk about it! Send me an email at , and I'll be in touch soon! I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Words From Some Of My Students!

Nick is certainly one of those rare instructors that you end up comparing every other instructor to. One of his core strengths is the ability to quickly identify weak points in students and target those areas in lessons and practice. He does this with patience and a non-judgemental attitude. He's able to explain theory and practical concepts in various ways that cater to each student's level of comprehension. His method is concise and easily adaptable to piano students of any skill level. There are many decent teachers, but Nick's patience, wisdom, and compassionate nature make him a great teacher, and an awesome person.

Albert / Imbrikis
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If you're looking for not only an expert, but a great teacher and communicator as well, then Nick is your guy! His knowledge of musical theory in combination with his technical ability allows him to hone in on the right “fix” or “method” to really jumpstart your musical journey. He's great at breaking down learning into applicable and memorable chunks, which helps keep you from trying to run before you can crawl! Beyond all that, Nick's very easy going and will help you identify the routines and tools you need to really progress. Everybody should learn music from Nick!

Alan A.
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I first started with Nick about 11 years ago, as someone who knew nothing about playing guitar, and really had no musical knowledge or sense. Taking lessons with Nick has been awesome, so much so I have sent over a half dozen or so of my friends, co-workers and even my sons to him as well.

Nick is extremely well versed in so many different aspects related to music. From him I have learned everything from Bach to Led Zeppelin. I have learned technique, ear training, rhythm as well as many aspects of music theory including how to read and write music.

Last but definitely not least Nick has real enthusiasm and interest in his students. I never feel rushed in my lessons and I always feel that I am pushed but in an encouraging way. The lessons are always fun and a great diversion from the grind of everyday life.

Josh Kann

I have been taking piano lessons from Nick for about a year. I love his approach. I am 59 years old and am learning piano for the first time in my life. I am loving it!

My first teacher taught me using leveled books, from primer, to level 1, etc. Each week I would practice a few pieces over and over until I could play them well. But weeks later when I went back to play a previously mastered piece, I couldn't play it. I knew I was missing something but didn't know what.

With Nick, I feel like I am gaining a progressively strong foundation in how to play piano. Little by little, I am mastering components and skills, and applying them to musical pieces, and learning music theory along the way. The lessons are relaxed and tailored to my needs and interests. I really like the music he gives me to play, and I appreciate that Nick loves to teach. He puts a lot of effort into planning and customizing lessons to each student. He also makes himself available to answer questions in between lessons.

I highly recommend Nick to any prospective student!

Debra Heath

I highly recommend Nick. His musical knowledge & expertise in playing piano give the student confidence. He's methodical & creative in his approach, offering to adapt to one's interests & challenges. His gentle & caring nature makes lessons enjoyable with no pressure. He understands that life happens, so he's understanding when you're not as prepared as you like because you didn't have much time to practice between lessons. And he's a bit funny!!! Doesn't get much better than that!

Dr. Annette Haynes
Professional Pastoral Counselor
New Convenant Church

Nick is an excellent teacher. He makes learning the piano approachable and fun. He is patient and has a knack for explaining complicated parts of music and making them straight forward for his students.

David S.

Nick is committed to improving my skills and my overall musicianship. He customizes lessons for me that address areas where I need improvement, as well as topics that I simply enjoy and have fun with. He is knowledgeable on subjects like technique, music theory, ear and voice training, and much more. My lessons with Nick are always enjoyable, and he has helped me greatly on my musical journey.

Art M.

Nick is a next level teacher! His goal is your goal, no matter where you are starting or what you want to accomplish. He's got your back. One thing that makes him stand out is his incredible people skills and his ability to listen and get to know his students to really be able to create a plan that fits the learner. He's always excited to explore new ideas and is constantly evolving his teaching methods and style, which is just more telling of how important his work is to him. Nick can get you motivated and run you through great exercises, but he is also a wonderful friend to share musical conversations with. He is a master at creating a safe and fun learning environment and I cannot recommend him enough.

Charlie B.

After leaving the military broken and crazy, I needed new hobbies that wouldn't injure me anymore. I played piano and violin when I was younger but always wanted to learn guitar and never did. To start the process, I did a lot of research and eventually decided to contact Nick about some guitar lessons. Seven years later, Nick is now “The Great Nickulus”, I can play guitar better than I even expected, and now I can even release music that I've written and produced all on my own. Even better is the peace and quiet, the overall change in my attitude and the wonderful place music takes me mentally. I am very grateful for meeting Nick. He is a great teacher. He's patient and enjoys what he does. He has also become a wonderful friend over the years. If you seriously want to learn an instrument or need something worthwhile to keep you grounded, then you can stop your search.

J. Attel

I have studied for many years with various music instructors. I have found that one can be a good musician but not a good teacher. In Nick I have found a good musician who is also a skilled teacher.. He was able to diagnose my problems and provide the exercises needed to overcome them. I highly recommend Nick as both a good musician and a skilled instructor.

John Gray

I'm immensely grateful for my many wonderful students! Thanks, so much, folks!!! It's an honor and a pleasure to know you.

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